Friday, 5 August 2016

Create Share Learn - CTK Staff

The sketch of Miss Ashe was done by the incredibly talented Angelika in Room 5
Posting this again as it is buried in the blog.
This was an original idea by Meliana in R3 who created the stupeflix presentation.


  1. Kiaora Room 5! My classes are looking forward to exploring your blog over the coming term. I love your innovative way of introducing your staff to others... I may steal that idea! I'm sitting here with my own son, who is wearing his own Christ The King Uniform. He goes to Christ The King School in Christchurch though. He'd like to know what year your school started. His began in 1959.

    1. Our school was founded in 1954 by the sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, who are often referred to as the ‘brown Joes’ for their distinct habit. Saint Mary MacKillop founded this order, hence the MacKillop sayings that encapsulate our school values. Mary MacKillop’s feast day is celebrated on 8th August and we will have a special liturgy at school on this day.

      The school originally sat behind the distinctive Christ the King Church on Richardson Road but in 2009 was moved to its current position on the corner of Maioro and Richardson Roads. Christ the King has always been a small school, which gives it a very special family feel. The current roll is approximately 165 students. There are no longer any Josephite sisters teaching at the school but the traditions and teachings of the Josephites live on through our school charism, which encourages the values of respect, love and service, justice, and peace and joy.

    2. that is so cool and nice song

  2. This is such a cool Stupeflix and I really like the song.
    - Miss.Ashe, Melianna is in Room 3

  3. Hi, I really like how you put music in the background and how you presented it.

  4. Hello,
    I really like this presentation and how it describes the staff members at our school.

  5. George,
    That was really amazing the sketched you done with miss Ashe was so good I liked it.