Saturday, 19 March 2016

Goal setting in Room 5 - Vision boards

Losaline has created a vision board of her goals - next comes the action plan
More learning creating and sharing in Room 5


  1. WOW!! Nice vision board Losaline, your goals look so awesome on your vision board.
    Regards, Karla

  2. I liked what you did on you'er vision board its awesome work I also liked the one that it has you'er friends

  3. Nice one Losaline. I like your vision board. And i like the way you put lots of photos to fit them all in. Good work.

  4. Hello good job on the vision board. It is really cool and I love all the pictures on it too.I Also like the quotes about friends. You have done a really good job well done. I also have some questions to ask.

    1.Do you like netball?
    2.Do you Play netball? (I Do)
    3.How many pictures did you have to have in total like was there a limit?

    Make sure you check out my blog too, and another well done.