Friday, 26 August 2016

Junior Dance/Digital H I P

As part of the High Interest Programme = H I P
 the Junior classes have been learning to dance.
Please leave a positive thoughtful helpful comment for them which will be shared as part of our reading. 

Daffodil Day 2016

Please click on the picture to hear
Patrick and Charlee talk about what we are doing for
Daffodil Day 2016.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Ronnie Reports on our Yoghurt making

It's Science Week
Please click on the picture to hear Ronnie talk about our learning in R8
We are learning to 
Make yoghurt
Write a procedure
Use the 6 steps of the Scientific Method

  1. Ask a question
  2. Make observations (study carefully)
  3. Form a hypothesis (educated guess)
  4. Design an experiment to test your hypothesis
  5. Analyse the data (what happened)
  6. Draw a conclusion

Noise no longer a problem in R8

In R8 we are now using headphones to help us concentrate on our work instead of listening to music.
 (not that our class is that noisy)
Noise is not a problem in R8 anymore.
Daniel, Carolyn, Rafael and Patrick all think they are comfortable and are a very useful tool.
I'd like to give Kent Somerville at Pt England school the credit for this initiative as I read about it on his blog.
Thanks Kent

Monday, 22 August 2016

Naimah's 24 hour digital footprint

Screenshot 2016-06-23 at 2.25.31 PM.png

I am not surprised that docs is the most popular one in the picture. It would be very different if I did it on a weekday or weekend.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Charlee's Information Report

R8 are learning to write an Information Report
Charlee decided to share her learning by creating a Google Slideshow (her very first)

Monday, 15 August 2016

Joshua C's screencastify Blog Tour

We have been learning to use screencastify as a tool to share our learning
Josh has created a super presentation to share his blog with the world.
Please leave a positive thoughtful helpful comment.

Friday, 12 August 2016

R1 pray in different ways

Our year one class is learning to pray in different ways.
I've recorded them so you can share their learning.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Angelika's Korea presentation

Angelika has created a Google Slide presentation all about Korea.
She has done this as part of her Learning Languages study of Korea.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Why do we have rules? by AJ & Ferah

This is a presentation that I have created with my friend, Ferah. We both created this so that people know why we have rules and what they are really meant for. We both learned that if we have rules,then it prevents from having arguments, chaos and many more. Please leave a positive and thoughtful comment on this post.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Rhoda's speech with Paige's help

R1 and R8 collaborated to write speeches for R1 - this is what they did in just 60 minutes Wrote their speech together Recorded their speech on Online Voice recorder Took photos with their camera and used special effects Added some background music Uploaded their work to share via wevideo Had a fantastic time learning with each other Awesome Learning Creating and Sharing

Friday, 5 August 2016


RIO 2016 Ana Hī! - Ngā Taonga Mai Tawhiti - OFFICIAL VIDEO
We are sharing our culture with the world.
We will be sharing our report writing so 

We are also going to be carrying out a statistical investtigation on just how many views we can get on our blog from now until the the end of the Rio games.
We will be creating and sharing work using Google Sheets.

Create Share Learn - CTK Staff

The sketch of Miss Ashe was done by the incredibly talented Angelika in Room 5
Posting this again as it is buried in the blog.
This was an original idea by Meliana in R3 who created the stupeflix presentation.

Copeland's Olympic Presentation

We have been learning to create an informative presentation on the Olympic Games.
Copeland has featured Ben Smith in his along with some information on the 
2016 Rio Olympic Games and the history of the games as well.
Please leave a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment,

Thursday, 4 August 2016

We are learning about quality blog posts ...

As part of our participation Tuhi mai Tuhi atu we have been looking at other schools blogs as well as those within CTK.
We are learning to write positive thoughtful helpful comments
as well as
what a quality blog post should have.

James Hopkins from Ako Hiko has shared this rubric for us to use as a guide.
FYI a DLO is a digital learning object

BLOG POST CHECKLIST - Creating a Quality Blog Post

Stepping Up
Smart Learner


Image result for learning cartoon
What have I been learning?

  • I’ve identified what I have been learning about
  • I included an image, drawing or a screenshot of my learning
How do I know I have learnt?

  • My post includes information and ideas that demonstrate my understanding
  • I created a DLO that represents my ideas about the learning: eg, a video, diagram, infographic etc
Reflected on my learning:

  • My post includes new ideas and what I enjoyed or found challenging
  • I’ve explained what my next steps are, what questions I still have,  and what I might do differently next time


  • I have recounted my learning experience
  • Most of my ideas are organised
  • I included a photo, illustration or screenshot
  • My title is unique or catchy
  • My DLO is original, relevant and adds interest or further information
  • My post may include embedded html content e.g. collage, video, Google Slide, animation etc
  • My content communicates my personality e.g. interests, values
  • My information and ideas help my audience to understand the learning, and I’ve included a link to this activity on my class learning site
  • Content is original - DLO is created by me


  • I’ve made spelling and punctuation errors
  • Difficult for the reader to understand
  • I have checked for punctuation and spelling
  • I have asked a buddy to read, made corrections, and there are no obvious errors
  • I’m confident all spelling and punctuation is correct and content makes sense for my readers


  • My font sizes and colour may vary and need formatting
  • My images or embedded content might need to be resized
  • I may not have included relevant labels or title
  • I previewed layout to check position & size of images and embedded html content
  • Font size and colour are formatted
  • I’ve included title & labels  
  • My content is attributed if it’s not original
  • Media/html content is formatted e.g. size, position, and appears when post loads
  • My labels and title are relevant & improve searching
  • Some posts may be scheduled for publishing