Blogging Rules

Blogging Rules

Please follow these guidelines carefully.

1. When you blog only use your first name. (with a capital...)

2. Write your blog posts and comments with great care.  Always check and double check that what you have written makes sense, is spelt correctly and has the correct punctuation.

3. Mrs Ashe and Ms Goodier will approve all blog posts and comments before they are published.

4. When family members comment please do not use your name.  Instead to help all of the students know who is commenting please sign as follows:  Joshua's Mum, Johnny's Dad etc.

5. Make sure that you do not put any information in your blog post or comments that is personal information such as telephone number, last name or address.

Is there anything else you think should be here? Comment below with any ideas.

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  1. I agree to these blog rules especially the last one because what about Cybersafety?