Quality commenting

Quality Commenting

Tip #1: Start with a greeting 
Remember to address the blogger by name.
Tip #2: Compliment in a Specific Way 
A compliment is a great way to begin a comment. Remember to comment about something specific. Rather than writing ‘I really liked your post,’ you could write ‘I really liked your vivid description of the theme park, it made me feel like I was there.’
Tip #3: Add New Facts 
If you know something about the topic, you can add more factual information in your comment.
Tip #4: Make a Connection 
What does the post remind you of? Try to make a connection to yourself, to the world or to another text. For example, you could write ‘your post reminded me of when I went to Waterbom two years ago.’
Tip #5: End with a Question 
Try to start a conversation. Ask the blogger a relevant question and hopefully they will reply.
Tip # 6: Proofread Your Comment 
When you blog, many people may be reading your posts and comments, so it is very important to proofread.


  1. Well done Rm5. I think that this is a great way of how to start your class blog. It's great because it's interesting and it also leads to important parts of our learning.

    From, AJ

  2. This is a great way to learn how to be positive and safe while commenting.

  3. Hi there my name is Johann
    I am a student from Park estate school in room 10 I really like the quality blog posts we did that too. Have you thought about adding highlights? If you would like to see my blog, the link http://pesjohannd.blogspot.co.nz/