What to blog about?

What to blog about?

Almost anything and everything is the answer!  If you are stuck for ideas check out the below ideas

  • Personal Experiences
    • A trip you have been on
    • A school camp
    • Scouts / Girl Guides / any club or group you belong to.
      • What do you do with this group?
      • Where can people find out more info?
      • What activities have you done lately?
    • Friends
      • Why not review a good friend
      • What makes them a friend?
  • Information Reports
    • Inform your readers about a topic you know lots about (or have researched).
  • Book Reports
    • What are you reading at the moment?
    • What makes it a good/bad read?
    • Would you recommend it to other readers?
  • Cool / Interesting Information / Facts
    • Have you just found out or learnt something new and exciting?
    • What is it?
    • What makes it exciting?
    • What further information could you include?
  • Photo and Video Stories
    • Taken some great photos?
    • Made a great Video?
    • Write a short blurb about it and get posting!
  • A Good Post.....
    • Grabs the readers attention! (a hook)
    • Provides all the required info.  Don't leave them asking what you mean
    • Leaves the reader wanting more.
    • Connects with the reader. They WANT to ask a question.
    • Shows not tells - use all those exciting descriptive words
    • CHECK, CHECK, CHECK - read it over & listen to it.


  1. These are marvellous good Ideas and I might use one. Amazing work!

  2. These are great ideas, I might use one of these ideas.

  3. Hi my name is Manawaroa, I am from Park Estate School. I like the way how you made a video about your holidays. How did you do that?

    Kind Regards